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Jan Christensen:

Contact: jan@frontzonesport.dk

Professional freelance photographer since 1992.

Partner and photographer at the photo agency Sportsagency from 2006 to 2013.

Founder, partner and photographer at the photo agency Frontzonesport since 2013.

Sports-photographer at the photo agency Getty Images in Nordic Region since July 2014.

I like to capture the right moment - that moment which only appears one time. This is why I do sport, dance, portraits and reportage.

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, but I like to travel and do assignments all over Denmark.

I have covered a lot of national and international handball including World- and European Championships for both men and women since 1996.

I am the official photographer for the Danish Handball Association (DHF) - and has been that since 1996.

Published book:

"FC København 2010/11" - Sports reportage about the football club FC København during their best season ever.